“We fell in love with natural - dyeing process once we learned about its benets. It is a craft practice which reects a harmonious, sustainable relationship with the local ecosystems and plant reserves. This art is also a unique repository of community knowledge and heritage which we seek to preserve.”
NATUREROOTS Colored By Nature

Behind the screen –
Natureroots Organics Inc, owned and operated by Sapna and Vimal from Toronto.

The Begining –
“While visiting local welfare centre in Munnar, India, we have come to a project which had a purpose beyond producing goods for sale – that of ensuring the sustainable livelihood for directly-abled local youngsters while teaching them the art of making natural dyes”.


Benets for herbal dyeing:

Many of the natural dyes like turmeric, annatto and saron are permitted as food additives.Many natural dyes have pharmacological eects and possible health benets. Natural dyed obtained from renewable sources and they cause no disposal problems, as they are biodegradable.Many natural dyes have the advantage that they do not stain the adjacent fabrics in the washing process because of the non-substantive nature of the dye towards the fabric.

“Natural organic fabrics are a good start, but the dyes should be safe enough for our children. Dyeing organic fabric in synthetic dyes dissipate the purpose of organic clothing.”



Our vision: To be a model label – who create clothing and accessories for all using sustainable and ethical practise, a model who educate and protect our future generation from synthetic dyes and it impacts, a model who bring back our age-old natural/herbal dyeing process and a model who promote companies, co-ops and non-prot organizations who value fair trade and ethical practices.